American Cabaret HN5642, Royal Doulton Figurine
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American Cabaret HN5642, Royal Doulton Figurine

American Cabaret HN5642 - Royal Doulton Figurine

  • Designer: Neil Faulkner
  • Size: 9"H
  • Color: Black
  • Issued: 2013; Ltd. 2,500
  • Series: Dances of the World

American Tap Dance evolved from several dance styles including the Juba, Lancashire Clog and Irish step dancing. Tap Dancing developed throughout the 20th century — first as part of Vaudeville and then in films and on Broadway — becoming a spectacular and entertaining dance. This American Dancer wears a short black dress, with a flared, swinging skirt. Poised in mid step, holding a cane in one hand this American Dancer is an alluring figure performing her routine with panache.

Our Price: $196.00


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