Royal Doulton Figurine, Cleopatra HN4264
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Royal Doulton Figurine, Cleopatra HN4264

Cleopatra HN4264 - Royal Doulton Figurine

  • Artist: Pauline Parsons
  • Height: 10" (25.2cm)
  • Issued: 2001 in a limited edition of 950
  • Series: Egyptian Queens
Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. In one well-known story, Cleopatra, who had been exiled by her younger brother Ptolemy, appeared at the Egyptian palace rolled inside of a Persian rug that had been presented to Julius Caesar. When Cleopatra tumbled out, he was so charmed by her that he took her as his mistress and restored her to the throne as Pharaoh. After Caesar's assassination, Cleopatra took up with Mark Antony, solidifying her place on the throne and strengthening ties between Egypt and Rome.

The queens of Egypt, although not as famous as their regal husbands, have quite interesting histories of their own. They include a woman who dressed as a man, another who is still famed today for her beauty and many who stand out in the history of Egypt for their unique contributions. Royal Doulton has chosen 4 of them to feature in the Egyptian Queens series.

The Three Musketeers tells of the adventures of DArtagnan and his three companions. In 2001, these famous musketeers were created by the talented Amanda Hughes, a graduate from the Sir Henry Doulton School of Sculpture. Each of these Royal Doulton figures capture all the details and personality of these famous literary characters.

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