Royal Doulton Figurine - Cobbler HN1706
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Cobbler HN1706 - Royal Doulton Figurine

Cobbler HN1706 - Royal Doulton Figurine

  • Series: Character Studies
  • Issued: 1935-1969
  • Artist: Charles J. Noke
  • Color: Brown, Green
  • Height: 8.25" (20.79cm)

Whether he makes them from scratch or repairs the ones you have, the Cobbler HN1706 will keep you in shoes that will make your feet very happy.

In a world where old fashioned values seems to be long gone, a tradition of craftsmanship still lives on in the Royal Doulton studios in which these figures are created. The artists and sculptors, potters and decorators, employ many of the same tried and tested techniques as their predecessors and use only the highest quality materials such as fine bone china, natural pigments and deep lustre glazes.

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