Royal Doulton Figurine, Rachel HN4780
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Royal Doulton Figurine, Rachel HN4780

Rachel HN4780 - Royal Doulton Figurine

  • Artist: Peter Gee
  • Height: 6.75" (17.01cm)
  • Issued: 2005-present
  • Series: Petite, Best of the Classics
Inspired by a Peter Gee design from the mid-1980s, this Royal Doulton Petite Lady is a vision of winter dress, wearing an elegant cream gown that's accentuated by a deep red winter coat. Rachel looks more than ready to face the bracing winter winds. Her coat is trimmed with soft fur and her delicate shoe peeps out from underneath her gown, the gold buckle shining in the cold clear sun.

Elegant Petite Ladies draw on the finest traditions of Royal Doulton design and craftsmanship. Petites pay tribute to some of the most beloved and best selling Pretty Ladies figures from Royal Doulton's archives. Reproduced on a slightly smaller scale than full-size ladies, each Petite is handmade from bone china and is beautifully hand-decorated with rich and vibrant colors.

For the Best of the Classics series Royal Doulton has reproduced the most popular pretty ladies figurines in a petite size. A glowing tribute to the pieces that have given you so much joy throughout the history of Royal Doulton.

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