Royal Doulton Figurine, Top O' The Hill M217
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Royal Doulton Figurine, Top O' The Hill M217

Top O' The Hill M217 - Royal Doulton Figurine

  • Artist: Leslie Harradine
  • Height: 2" (5.04cm)
  • Issued: 2004-present
  • Series: Miniature Ladies
First created in 1937, Top O' The Hill is probably the most well known of Royal Doulton's Pretty Ladies, and was originally modeled by Leslie Harradine. This classic piece is most famous for the Harrisons Red, a color synonymous with Royal Doulton, which is used so strikingly to decorate the dress. It's faithfully reproduced from the Archives as one of the Royal Doulton Miniature Ladies, making a fine period portrayal of charm and movement in fine china.

Miniature Ladies pay tribute to some of the most beloved Pretty Ladies from Royal Doulton's archives.

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