Royal Doulton Figurine - Young Miss Nightingale HN2010
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Young Miss Nightingale HN2010 - Royal Doulton Figurine

Young Miss Nightingale HN2010 - Royal Doulton Figurine

  • Series: Period Figures in English History
  • Issued: 1948-1953
  • Artist: Peggy Davies
  • Color: Green, Red
  • Height: 9.25" (23.31cm)

There were many men throughout English history that pioneered the monumental events that have shaped the great country. In this series Royal Doulton pays homage to the ladies who have made substantial contributions to English history as well--either as leaders themselves or by influencing those in power.

In the post war period after 1945, the talented, young modeler Peggy Davies began working for Royal Doulton once again, supplying models just as her predecessor Leslie Harradine had done for the Doulton Studio.

The first series that Peggy created was a collection of eight figures known as Period Figures in English History. As the world became to expect from any Peggy Davies figure, the costumes were meticulously researched to the finest detail. This series of figures is unique in that it was the first of a long line of themed series produced by the Royal Doulton Studios.

Today, the figures from this impressive collection are scarce in the marketplace because of their short production run (1948-1953) and the fact that production of decorative goods during this period were still recovering from the devastations of war.

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