Royal Doulton Character Jug, Viking D6496 (Black, green and brown coloration). Designed by Max Henk, issued 1959 - 1975. Size: 7.25"H (Large)

Royal Doulton Character Jug Viking D6496

Large D6496

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  Aramis Colorway
Large D6829
 - Royal Doulton Character Jug, Aramis D6829 (yellow hat, maroon tunic). Designed by Max Henk. Series: The Three Musketeers; Characters from Literature, issued 1988 in limited edition of 1,000. Size: 7.25"H (Large)

One of the three musketeers, Aramis joined Athos, Porthos and D'Artagnan in a life of adventure in Alexandre Dumas's 19th century novel, following their code "All for one, and one for all." The wording "one of the Three Musketeers" was included in the earlier backstamp to indicate that Aramis was one of the famous Musketeers. This jug was commissioned by Peter Jones China Ltd., England, and issued in 1988 in a limited edition of 1,000.

  Athos D6439 - Royal Doulton Character Jug, Athos D6439 (Black hat, white feather, green tunic with gold trim). Designed by Max Henk, Series: The Three Musketeers; Characters from Literature, issued 1956 - 1991. Size 7.25"H (Large)

Under the banner of "All for one and one for all" Athos was one of the original musketeers in the 19th century novel by Alexandre Dumas. First issued as one of four in the Three Musketeers Series, Athos is now incorporated into the larger series, Characters from Literature.

Large D6838
 - Royal Doulton Character Jug, Auctioneer D6838 (green coat and bow tie, light brown cap). Designed by Geoff Blower, Series: The Collecting World, issued 1988 in special edition of 5,000. Size 6.25"H (Large)

Commissioned by Kevin Francis Ceramics Ltd., The Auctioneer jug was issued in 1988 in a limited edition of 5,000. Characteristic of Kevin Francis Ceramics, this is a left- handed jug.

  Auld Mac "Owd Mac"
Large D5823
 - Royal Doulton Character Jug, Auld Mac Owd Mac D5823 (green tam, brown coat). Designed by Harry Fenton, issued 1937 - 1986. Size: 6.25"H (Large)

A song by Sir Harry Lauder, a 20th-century singer and comedian, called "Bang Went Sixpence." inspired this piece. In it a Scotsman named Mac found the prices too high in London because every time he made a move, "bang went sixpence," which is incised on the back of his tam, below "Auld Mac."

  Bahamas Policeman
Large D6912
 - Royal Doulton Character Jug, Bahamas Policeman D6912 (white and red coloration). Designed by William K. Harper. Issued 1992 in special edition of 1,000. Size 7"H (Large)

This jug was commissioned by Island Galleria, Nassau, Bahamas, in a special edition of 1,000 jugs. The D number 6912 is also the numerical designation of The Snake Charmer.

  Beefeater GR
Large D6206
 - Royal Doulton Character Jug, Beefeater "GR" D6206. Designed by Harry Fenton, Series: The London Collection, issued 1947 - 1953. Size 6.5"H (Large)

The Yeomen of the Guard and warders of the Tower of London are colloquially referred to as Beefeaters. The name "Beefeater" came from a visiting Grand Duke who was astonished by the large amounts of beef eaten by the Yeoman Guards. The monarch's cipher, GR, at the base of the handle is an abbreviation of George Rex, for King George VI. After his death in 1953, the cipher was changed to ER (Elizabeth Regina), for Queen Elizabeth II.

Large D6571
 - Royal Doulton Character Jug, Blacksmith D6571 (salmon hat, white shirt, light brown apron). Designed by David B. Biggs. Series: Characters from Williamsburg, issued 1963 - 1983. Size 7.25"H (Large)
  Cabinet Maker
Large D7010
 - Royal Doulton Character Jug, Cabinet Maker D7010 (red, white and brown coloration). Designed by Michael Abberley. Series: Characters From Williamsburg, issued 1995 in limited edition of 1,500. Size: 7.5"H (Large)

In 1981 it was announced that a new jug in the Williamsburg series, the Cabinet Maker, would be produced. However, the series was cancelled in 1983, and the jug was not put into production at that time. In 1995 the decision was made to put the jug into production and to launch it at the 15th anniversary convention of the Royal Doulton International Collectors Club, held at Williamsburg. It was issued in a special edition of 1,500 pieces.

  Capt Ahab
Large D6500
 - Royal Doulton Character Jug, Capt Ahab D6500 (Blue cap, black coat, white sweater). Designed by Garry Sharpe, issued 1959 - 1984. Size: 7"H (Large)

Captain Ahab sailed the whaler, Pequod, in Herman Melville's great 19th century American classic, "Moby Dick". He lost a leg and then his life in pursuit of the great white whale, who triumphed in the chase and sunk his ship.

  Capt Bligh
Large D6967
 - Royal Doulton Character Jug, Capt Bligh D6967 (Black, cream, green, red and brown coloration). Designed by Stanley J. Taylor. Series: Character Jug of the Year, issued 1995 - 1995. Size: 7"H (Large)

This character jug of the year for 1995 commemorates Captain Bligh and the Mutiny on the Bounty. In 1789 the crew of the Bounty, under the leadership of Christian Fletcher, mutinied and set Bligh adrift in an open boat. He survived a 3,500-mile voyage before reaching land.

  Capt Henry Morgan
Large D6467
 - Royal Doulton Character Jug, Capt Henry Morgan D6467 (black tricorn, blue collar trimmed with gold). Designed by Garry Sharpe, issued 1958-1982. Size: 6.75"H (Large)

A privateer pirate leader in the West Indies, Morgan (1635 - 1688) carried out commissions from the British authorities. His attack on Panama in 1671 violated a peace treaty between England and Spain. Sent to England to stand trial, he was instead knighted and became Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica, where he remained until his death.


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