Great Military Leaders & Militaria Sale

We are honored to present a wonderful collection of Great Military Leaders & Militaria for sale. There is strong interest in collecting relating to Winston Churchill, American Presidents, WWII Generals, and Militaria.

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Black Basalt Teapot with Cover

Moulded with Wellington being crowned with a wreath of laurels by Britannia, the reverse inscribed "India, Portugal & Spain, Vittoria 21 June 1813" with a lion head spout, flower finial, & serpent handle

Heidi Warr Design - Spitfire Vases

The Spitfire is such an iconic symbol in the UK culture.  When you look at a Spitfire it touches you emotionally. It serves as a reminder of freedom, bravery, resilience and the British spirit. A UK native herself, Heidi Warr brings life and vibrance out in her modern work designs.

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