Seaway China is proud to have Christopher Evans as special guest writer. He is a world-renowned Royal Doulton historian with a wealth of knowledge that has been acquired over the past 20 years.

Christopher’s Corner

Christopher is a full time teacher in England, teaching in primary and secondary schools as well as lecturing at the university level in languages and education. He is the Language College Manager and Head of Faculty in a leading school in the North of England. Christopher’s passion for antiques and collecting began at an early age. Regular visits to antiques fairs and auctions led to the chance purchase at a young age of a ‘tray lot’ of Doulton figures. Having been aware of Leslie Harradine’s Doulton figures already, due to his Grandparents having several early examples in their home, he began to research the history of figure production in Burslem. By the age of 18 he was already a regular on the antiques fair scene in England and had amassed a small collection of figures.

This initial frenzy of collecting figures also brought him into contact with Jocelyn Lukins, a leading Royal Doulton authority and dealer, which has led to a great friendship. Jocelyn took Christopher under her wing, educating him about all things Royal Doulton. This friendship led to Christopher writing for Jocelyn’s magazine ‘Collecting Doulton’ and also to a visit to our memorable Royal Doulton Collector’s Event in Ypsilanti, Michigan in 2009, where he delivered a fascinating lecture on the inspiration behind many of the figures in the HN range. Jocelyn and Christopher teamed up once again in 2011 and published a book on their joint research into the history of the Doulton HN figure range. Reflections: Doulton Figurines as a Mirror of Their Times is available exclusively through Seaway China and makes a great addition to any collector’s library.

Today Christopher’s interest in Doulton is far more widespread, encompassing both Lambeth and Burslem wares. He has gained an enviable breadth of knowledge about Royal Doulton and the history of this great institution.

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