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Animal models have been a staple of the Doulton studios for over a century. From Tinworth’s mice groups, to Mark Marshall’s grotesques at Lambeth, to Doulton’s Burslem studio with its many charming realistic and character studies of almost every creature imaginable having been produced. Popular animals were produced in many guises and unsurprisingly derivatives of these exist too, whereby these animals were mounted on desk accessories or otherwise adapted. Of course domestic animals have always proved popular with varieties of cats and dogs being well represented.
Since 1908 more than 1,000 animals have been added to the Royal Doulton Animals range. In the collectors’ world of ceramic animals, these are considered the finest ever produced. The quality of the modeling, the authenticity and the realism are unsurpassed. Many different designers including Charles Noke, Leslie Harradine and Peggy Davies have contributed to the Royal Doulton Animals collection.

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