For more than 100 years, Royal Doulton artisans have painstakingly brought the animal kingdom to life, with delicately crafted figurines of domestic pets, farm animals, birds, forest fauna, and hundreds of two- and four-legged creatures. More than 1,000 animals have been introduced to the Royal Doulton Animals series, from George Tinworth’s mice and frogs, to Mark Marshall’s grotesques, as well as the detailed creations of racehorses, championship dogs, and other exquisite models from legendary artists like Charles Noke, Leslie Harradine, Peggy Davies, and other renowned craftspeople whose quality, authenticity, and realism remain unsurpassed.

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Animals - Farm & Country

Piglet HN2653 – Royal Doulton Animals


Royal Doulton's Hunting World Horses

Merely a Minor Brown HN2537 – Royal Doulton Animals

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