The Remembering Diana collection modelled by Neil Welch, celebrates iconic moments in the life of Diana, Princess of Wales.  Cherished around the world in her lifetime and 20 years since she lost her life, the Princess is still remembered with affection. Her enthusiasm for fashion and popular culture captured the public’s imagination and she is hugely admired both for her compassion and her boundless love for her two children - Their Royal Highnesses Prince William and Prince Harry. 

Born Diana Spencer on 1st July 1961, Diana married Prince Charles on July 29, 1981 and they had two sons - William born in 1982 and Harry born in 1984 - before divorcing in 1996. Diana, Princess of Wales died on August 31, 1997 following a car crash in Paris. 

Whilst married to Prince Charles, the Princess developed many humanitarian interests, becoming a passionate and active supporter of charities around the world working with disadvantaged people such as those helping the homeless, with those suffering from leprosy or HIV and with vulnerable children. She also campaigned against the use of land mines. She revealed a genuine interest in the situation and lives of the people she met and is remembered by them, for her warmth and ability to make them feel special. 

Alongside her humanitarian and charitable work, Diana, the Princess of Wales was also a proud mother and her priority was to ensure her children had a happy childhood. She had a hands-on approach, but also wanted to make sure they had a wide experience of life - she wanted them to start their education at a local nursery school and she took them with her on visits to homeless shelters and hospitals. 

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