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Kingsware was developed by Charles Noke and produced between 1898 and 1939. No other factory in the world has been able to recreate the same lustrous finish. The rich, brown affects of the Kingsware glaze were achieved by painting the design in colored slip on the inside of the plaster mold, then the dark slip was added to the body. In the Kingsware range you can find a variety of unique items including whisky decanters, loving cups, match strikers, water jugs and tobacco jars.
An early development of Noke’s was the revival of the once popular tradition of Staffordshire figure production. Long before the HN range that we are all familiar with today, Noke introduced a range of Vellum figures, the first of which were exhibited at the Chicago Exhibition of 1893. The almost matte ivory glaze of vellum pieces can be found with tinted decoration, gilt highlights and still rarer examples with bold colourings.
However it was not just figures which were produced in Vellum. Noke modelled two pitchers; one featuring the poet William Wordsworth and the other William Gladstone, who would have been Prime Minister of Britain at the time that Vellum was developed. In addition to figures and pitchers, a series of light fittings and wall pockets were also introduced such as this very rare Sorceress wall pocket designed by Noke. Noke also used this vellum body to model a series of vases and centre pieces many with sculptural additions of dragons and even nymphs.

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