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Tango HN5443 – Royal Doulton Figurine – Dance Collection


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The tango, a seductive dance influenced by Spanish and African cultures, actually originated in the lower-class districts of Argentina and Uruguay in the 1890s. It started as just one of many dances, but it wasnt long before dancers and orchestras from Buenos Aires traveled to Europe introducing the tango craze to major international cities such as Paris, London and Berlin, eventually making its way to the United States. In honor of this romantic and popular dance, Royal Doulton has created this figure appropriately titled The Tango. The first release in a series of dance figures, this elegant couple is poised to captivate their audience. She is stunning in a provocative red backless gown and he is the perfect partner in his handsome black suit. The dancers are locked together in the traditional tango step called gancho, meaning hook.



Item Number



Red and Black


2010; Ltd. 1,500


Doulton Studios


Royal Doulton


Dance Collection


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