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Doulton Vellum Figures

When talking about Doulton’s early Vellum figures, one cannot fail to mention Charles Noke originally chief modeller and later Art Director at Doulton’s of Burslem, without whom Doulton’s many and varied wares would not exist today.

Doulton Moves To Burslem

After firmly establishing Doulton’s Lambeth Art Department, Henry Doulton sought to cement the name of Doulton in the ceramic world by launching himself in the heart of the Potteries, buying an interest in the earthenware pottery firm of Pinder, Bourne & Co based in Nile St. Burslem in 1877.

The Versatility of Harry Simeon

Simeon’s versatility can be seen when one looks at the sheer variety of Lambeth wares he produced. Naturally there were many hand designed vases, but there were also late edition vases made between 1910 and 1925, as well as endearing Toby wares that he modelled and introduced in 1925.

Lambeth Art Wares

Whilst collectors today are most familiar with Doulton wares that are readily found, other art wares for reproduction were designed by equally great artists as Tinworth and Barlow.

The Great George Tinworth

George Tinworth is acknowledged as being the first and greatest Doulton artist, a mantle he carried for over 40 years. In George Tinworth a promising talent was seen; something that was of course Bourne out quickly.