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Lambeth Art Wares

Whilst collectors today are most familiar with Doulton wares that are readily found, other art wares for reproduction were designed by equally great artists as Tinworth and Barlow.

The Great George Tinworth

George Tinworth is acknowledged as being the first and greatest Doulton artist, a mantle he carried for over 40 years. In George Tinworth a promising talent was seen; something that was of course Bourne out quickly.

The Barlow Family Joins The Doulton Art Department

Hannah had already been working at Doulton for two years in the lead up to this exhibition and was soon joined by more young ladies who were allocated a small room in the factory that was then designated ‘The Art Department’.

The Diversity of Royal Doulton

We are already over half-way through Royal Doulton’s 200th Anniversary year and the thing that collectors comment most about regarding the new commemorative pieces that mark this landmark occasion is their sheer diversity – something that Royal Doulton has always been famous for.