That is the tank they named after me when they found out it was no good!

-Winston Churchill

This hand-made figure, produced by Bairstow Manor (Staffordshire, U.K.), is modeled as a larger-than-life Winston Churchill sitting at the controls of a Churchill Tank flying the British Union Jack flag.

Hand-painted in the uniform of the Second World War British Army, Churchill holds his signature cigar while his right hand is raised in the “’V’ for Victory” sign immortalized during World War II.

The Churchill Tank entered British service during World War II, and was named for the British statesman, who was an early supporter of developing armored vehicles. Unfortunately, the prototype had flaws, leading Churchill to complain that the namesake was a questionable honor.

This historic figurine, all hand made and painted in England, is the first time Churchill has been so depicted, and is produced in a limited edition.

Churchill was one of the 20th century’s most important figures. A wartime journalist-turned-wartime Prime Minister, he led Great Britain through the darkest days of the Second World War to its “finest hour.”

Founded in 1938, Bairstow Manor Pottery is a third-generation family-owned boutique pottery based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England—a region known as “The Potteries” for its internationally renowned ceramic craftsmen.

This highly desirable commemorative collectible is an excellent piece for enthusiasts and connoisseurs of British and European history, collectors of Militaria, Churchilliana, and admirers of historical leaders—the ideal addition to a library, study, mantle, or desk.