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The label “Blue Children” refers to the popularity among collectors for pieces of this seriesware featuring children. They in fact re- christened it Blue Children! Traditionally blue is the most popular colour for porcelain decoration and follows an ancient Chinese tradition that still exists today. Doulton’s printing process allowed for fine detail and subtle colour variations, as well as added detail by Doulton artists specifically to the faces of the characters and also the often detailed backgrounds.

A precise date of introduction of this ware is not known, although ca. 1890 is a period I believe to be correct, given the elaborate Victorian shapes of many of the earlier pieces. Signatures on these early pieces are also to be expected with J. Hughes being a common one. As was typical when the so-called ‘print and tint’ process was used, Doulton’s major artists used a pseudonym. In the early 1900’s much more simplified vase styles were used and the gilding too was often reduced to simply a gilded edging.