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Some of the most popular stoneware toby jugs were designed by Harry Simeon. In 1894, Harry Simeon won a scholarship to The Royal College of Art at South Kensington. He joined Doulton at Lambeth in 1896 and began working on stoneware bibelots and garden sculptures. By 1924, Harry Simeon was modeling a range of slip cast tobies – based on the traditional toby jug style – but with his own fresh, original interpretation. This new range became an instant success and today pieces modeled by Harry Simeon are sought after by collectors from around the world.
Harry Simeon was the son of a monumental mason, which perhaps explains his own everlasting interest in sculpture. Simeon’s versatility can be seen when one looks at the sheer variety of Lambeth wares he produced. Naturally there were many hand designed vases, but there were also late edition vases made between 1910 and 1925, as well as endearing Toby wares that he modeled and introduced in 1925.
When one considers the wares with which he is now associated it is hard to believe that he criticized his own talent, describing it once as overly fussy and preferring the artistry of Mark Marshall’s often simplistic designs. Up until the end of Simeon’s association with Doulton in 1936, his style remained versatile, producing designs for the Persian ware range in the 1920’s. He also created a myriad of slip ware pieces in a colorful pallet such as bibelots and this Ibex paperweight.

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