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It is well documented that Charles Noke sought to re-establish the Staffordshire tradition of ceramic figure production. The HN range of figures that we are all so familiar with today was named after Harry Nixon who was in charge of the small band of artists tasked with decorating the first HN figures. Today the HN numbers have passed the 5,000 mark and their popularity continues into the 21st Century.

Whilst these first figures were created by well known sculptors of the time, it was with the homegrown talent of Leslie Harradine,
the one-time apprentice at Doulton in Lambeth, that Doulton figures would achieve world-wide fame. Harradine’s ability to capture the moment, interpret popular tastes and bring popular images to life brought the Doulton name great fame and prestige all over the world, creating a collecting frenzy that exists to this day. Ladies in national dress, street sellers and glamorous damsels can all be found in the HN Collection.

Stan Laurel HN2774 - Royal Doulton Figurine
Danielle Petite HN5529 - Royal Doulton Figurine