The birthstone tradition is based on ancient lore which associates individual gemstones with a particular month of the year. Royal Doulton’s skilled ceramic artists have developed hand painted decorations for each figurine to harmonize with the vibrant colors as well as the more delicate hues of each birthstone. Each of the 12 figurines in this new petites collection wears a gold necklace bejeweled with a genuine crystal made from the Swarovski Elements range.

January The Garnet
Garnets are one of the most fascinating of gemstones because they occur naturally in many colors.

February The Amethyst
The amethyst color can vary from a deep purple to a pale violet in a single gemstone.

March The Aquamarine
The color of the stones vary as much as the color of the sea, ranging from pale blue to a vibrant deep shade.

April The Diamond
The luster and brilliance of a diamond or its “fire” is emphasized by the way facets are cut.

May The Emerald
It is said that the emerald protects sailors and fisherman at sea — but only if it is worn around the neck.

June The Pearl
The pearl is unique as a gemstone because it needs neither cutting or polishing before use.

July The Ruby
It’s said the wearer of rubies nurtures peace and harmony and preserves physical strength and health.

August The Peridot
The peridot only occurs as a green stone and is often featured in many treasures created by ancient Egyptians.

September The Sapphire
The sapphire gemstone symbolizes protection. The sapphire is often used as part of an engagement ring.

October The Opal
The opal is distinctive because of the vivid play of iridescent color that characterizes each stone.

November The Topaz
Traditional lore says that a topaz in the home
radiates health for all who live there.

December The Turquoise
Famed for its protective qualities, turquoise is usually used as beads or cabochons in jewelry.