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Winston Churchill Historical Collector Teapot by Bairstow Manor

When I first discovered this intriguing teapot during a visit to Baristow Pottery in the UK, I was immediately drawn to the cigar spout and the sculpted handle of Roosevelt and Stalin handle. The bottom of the teapot is inscribed the Yalta Tea Party – a reference to the Yalta Conference. The historical significance of […]

A Tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II: Longest Reigning Monarch in over 1000 Years

Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest-reigning British monarch in more than 1,000 years today, overtaking her great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria, with just over 63 years and six months on the throne. Born on April 21, 1926 during the reign of her paternal grandfather, King George V. On November 20, 1947 Elizabeth II married His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

The Royal Doulton Heroines Collection

The Heroines Collection celebrates iconic women drawn from British literature and history across the centuries, from the Regency period of the 1780’s onwards to the ‘roaring’ 1920’s. Royal Doulton’s sensitive designs capture both the spirit of each young woman and the typical costumes of the age.