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Les Femme Fatales Collection

Throughout time there have been women whose impenetrable qualities have brought them awesome power and unrivaled superiority. The beguiling women of the Les Femmes Fatales collection were each made in a limited edition of 750. Designed with regal grace and dignity by Peggy Davies, each figure in the collection is highly complex and richly decorated.

Doulton Vellum Figures

When talking about Doulton’s early Vellum figures, one cannot fail to mention Charles Noke originally chief modeller and later Art Director at Doulton’s of Burslem, without whom Doulton’s many and varied wares would not exist today.

Royal Doulton Advertising Figures

Esso Oil Drop Man MCL19 - Royal Doulton Advertising Character

In the early years of the HN collection several advertising and publishing houses commissioned Doulton figures to advertise their products including The Perfect Pair HN581, which celebrates the amalgamation of Eve magazine and The Tatler from 1923.

Titanian Ware

During this time of continued experimentation, a further glaze, named Titanian was discovered in 1915. The unique Titanian glaze uses a titanium oxide which produces a bluey colour. Examples of Titanian ware can vary from white to dark blue glazes.